'I am so pleased I went to see Michelle for hypnotherapy.


She was incredibly understanding and explained in detail how the brain works and how hypnotherapy would help me with my exam worries.

I felt very relaxed and comfortable during my hypnotherapy sessions.

Following the first appointment Michelle put together a CD for me to play at home every night before bed.

I am so pleased to say that on the day of my exams I felt none of the previous nerves and felt confident on walking into the exam room not at all flustered or panicked but quite the opposite.

I am delighted to be at ease now and would recommend Michelle to anyone who is trying to overcome worries in their life.'


'I feel totally relaxed and calm after seeing Michelle for hypnotherapy.

I would gladly recommend her to anyone.'

'Thank  you so much for your care and understanding and patience. I can't believe how low I was but with your help I now have my life and freedom back.

You are a very special lady, Michelle, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.'