I've had a very interesting day watching the electrical activity of my brain when answering solution focused questions. It’s amazing to see the process the brain goes through when trying to problem solve and it was fascinating to see all the different brain wave patterns. This was for some research with Dr Rachel Gillibrand


I wore my nursing hat on Monday and Tuesday this week when I did the menopause foundation course for health care professionals, with The British Menopause Society. We discussed alternative treatments for women who either don’t want or are not able to take HRT. I was very pleased that hypnotherapy was one of the evidence-based treatments that was mentioned to help women to cope with the symptoms of hot flushes. I’ve helped a lot of women cope with symptoms such as anxiety, stress and feeling overwhelmed with menopause and the change in life so if you’re interested then please get in touch

CHS meno.jpg

Today is World Menopause Day and it seemed like the perfect time to announce that I will be joining the team at The Clinical Hypnotherapy School as one of their lecturers and will be providing a CPD on menopause very soon. I’ve drawn on my nursing background and knowledge, as well as being a solution focused hypnotherapist, to put together an evidenced based CPD. Exiting news!


Happy Valentine’s Day. Me and Freddie send you all lots of love today . Freddie is one of my three rescue sighthounds. We don’t know much about his past and it has taken a lot of love and time to build his confidence to turn him into the big cuddly boy he is now.



It's a hat and coat day on the beach today, even the dogs have their coats on! 



Today is World Mental Health day. I’m wearing my green ribbon because I want people to know that it’s ok to ask for and accept help with their mental health so that healing can start and life gets better. If you think your life could be better, you’re right, it can!



Just getting ready for day two of my online training with Chris Iveson. I’m working towards my BRIEF certificate in Solution Focused Practice. It was a fantastic day yesterday and can’t wait to learn more today. BRIEF is the world’s leading centre for solution focused practice so I’m learning from the best!


I’m so pleased to have passed my Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy from The Clinical Hypnotherapy School. Another qualification to add to my collection . This diploma has expanded my knowledge on how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help with management of pain, needle phobia, palliative and end of life care, weight management, chronic illness and working with LGBTQ clients. There was also a module on how to help people cope with their anxiety around health trauma and coronavirus. Online appointments available.



What a treat to be driven to work today. As a practice nurse I wouldn’t normally be working on a bank holiday but these are not normal times. Happy to be wearing my navy uniform today. I’m so lucky to have two jobs that I love. Enjoy Easter everyone but please stay at home. Keep safe, keep well and keep washing your hands


Lovely birthday blustery walk on Burnham beach with my dogs followed by a little bit of fizz and amazing cakes from @dusicake Now fire lit watching Downton Abbey



Had a fantastic day at the AfSFH conference in Bristol today.